What is Reputation Management and Do You Need It?

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What is Reputation Management and Do You Need It?

Reputation management is more important than ever in this day and age. Gone are the days where a disgruntled customer’s grievances were only aired to family members, neighbors, and friends as grievances today are posted online for thousands of potential customers to view.

This shift has put a lot of power in the hand of the consumer at the apprehension of business owners. Although we all strive to provide top notch service to each and every customer, sometimes things happen out of our control that can lead to a negative review.

Negative reviews can be extremely helpful in providing feedback for your organization’s service delivery and it allows you to fix this issue for future customers. Although they can be beneficial, we don’t want to lose possible future customers because of past transgressions displayed for the world to see online.

The key is efficient and effective communication as most customers who complain want to feel heard. Research has shown that organizations who respond within 24 hours of a negative online post often boast higher customer satisfaction ratings from those same customer.

Taking the time to reach out to the customer to fix the situation or reacting diplomatically to the criticism on the public forum their grievance was posted on are good examples of effective communication. Potential customers will hopefully see that your organization cares about the concerns of customers and will feel comfortable pursuing service.

One of the more difficult parts of this process is catching a grievance in a timely fashion. With Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Instagram, and more, reputation management can be very time consuming and stressful. The most advantageous method to this process is to seek professional help and guidance.

A public relations firm can monitor your online presence and alert you of any negative feedback while you are running the day to day operations of your business. They will also respond to the negative feedback on your behalf in an optimal manner. A public relations firm deals with these issues on a daily basis from multiple clients and they have the best experience to handle any situation as they arise.

Reputation management needs to be apart of your focus and a facet of your business on a daily basis. Only you can determine if you have the time to go through the process yourself or if you need to hire outside help, but either way it is an absolutely necessary to maintain the vitality of your business into the future.

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