Has Your Practice Gone Mobile?

Over 93 percent of all adults now have cell phones, the new standard is that these cell phones are internet accessible. Experts are forecasting that within the next couple years more people will be using their phones for internet access than desktop computers. Is your website mobile friendly? Computer accessible sites and mobile sites are not the same, small print and a different page configuration can cause slow loading. With consumers now being accustomed to a certain standard of speed and accessibility with web browsing, you do not want to be the one behind on your mobile website.

With 93 percent of adults using mobile internet, that is a large amount of potential clients that could be using your site. This growing technology is not just modernization but a marketing  opportunity. By going mobile you will have access to millions of smartphone users, you will have a clean easily navigable site, faster loading and better google search rankings. Going mobile will expand the arms of your practice as well as providing a bottomless amount of potential for new clientele.