The importance of PR during a crisis

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The importance of PR during a crisis

Preventative measures may provide some assurance that no damage will be done, but when a product or service is marketed you cannot control all of the variables. Products have been misused time and time again and even with the most rigid of preventative measures bad publicity can negatively impact the most dense structures. Anything from a faulty marketing choice that leads to a social media controversy to a product malfunction once the product leaves the manufacture or the service is complete, your business is no longer in control.

Herein lies the need of PR, while how the product is handled on premises is entirely contingent on the company how it is received by the public is left to a company’s marketing.  To assume no complications will occur after a product reaches shelves is presumptuous and rash, PR agencies serve as a failsafe against public backlash. Although confidence in a product reflects well on a company many media outlets and organizations simply want to start drama with a company to gain relevance. Tendencies from social media have blended into modern activism in order to continually receive support from both the public and foundations they must promote themselves to stay relevant. For instance Greenpeace denigrated Nestle (an extremely popular brand) for using an irresponsible palm oil supplier in a vehement social media protest resulting in Nestle conceding to the organization’s demands. To make a point: Nestle by far was not the worst offender of palm oil consumption, it was merely the biggest target.

Marketing pharmaceuticals in the U.S. yields many differences from marketing them in other nations, for example we have three regulators of over-the-counter drugs to Europe’s one. Not to mention the field is heavily contested in the US evidenced by the fact that we actually have direct-to-consumer commercials for pharmaceuticals, while Europe has next to none. Prescription PR is a company that blends both marketing and public relations to assist companies with portraying their product and offers protection from potential crisis. Prescription PR offer myriad services from website development to reputation management to physician liaisons, so if you are in the medical profession and have no professional help with marketing they certainly warrant your attention.

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