The Periodic Table of SEO

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The Periodic Table of SEO

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Your Practice’s “Molecular Affinity”?

Much like the elements and physical world we live in, there are many key components to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that are necessary to build a successful digital presence in this internet driven society our practice and patients reside in. Gaining a better understanding of how to properly optimize your website content is critical to garnering the most third-party referrals through Google’s search algorithm.


Below is an infographic that can help you better understand where you are falling short. 


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Keywords Targeted Title Your Post/Page Title should contain your target keyword HeSu Heading/Subheading The use of headings and subheadings helps Google rank your website better on readability. Having keywords also helps! URL Selection Having your targeted keyword in your URL is Beneficial for SEO Meta Description Put Keywords in the search results below the Title and URL. Organic Keyword Use Keyword use should make sense within the sentence Structure; out of place keywords will not perform well 1-2 Long keyWords Long Tail Keywords can be helpful for niche search results 1-2 Specific Keywords A Targeted Keyword should be present once for every 100 words Other Websites FB Facebook Make sure your Facebook page is claimed,filled out, and Properly branded with company logo. Tw Twitter A Twitter Profile should also be made, filled out, and properly branded with company logo. YE Yelp Yelp is an excellent tool for branding as patient reviews are Integral for converting prospective patients to existing Patients. Make sure to claim, properly fill out and brand Your practice’s Yelp page G+ Google+ Google+ is directly linked to Google Maps which is one of The most important parts of healthcare marketing. Make Sure to completely fill out your Google+ profile including Branding. heG HealthGrades A Healthgrades profile filled out for each provider in your Office not only allows existing patients to leave reviews but Allows prospective patients to get to know your staff prior to booking an appointment. Creating profiles is an important tool for SEO, however engaging with your profile whether it's posting on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ 3 - 4 times per week, and engaging with reviewers on Yelp and Healthgrades will help you get the most out of these marketing efforts. Website Mobi Coa ReqFo Mobile Friendly Contact accessibility Request Appointment Mobile Friendly websites are not only easier for Prospective and current patients but are favored by Google. Most Internet use is done via Mobile. Visitors should be able to visibly see your contact Information when they first click onto your website. Contact information should be click-able. Practices with request appointment forms convert more Prospective patients to existing patients than one's who don't Links Ca Credible Articles Linking not only brings legitimacy but helps Google better understand this post within its algorithm Ow C Your own content Hyperlinks to your own pages like Services, Contact Page etc. helps with SEO as well Longer Posts Ov 300 Over 300 Words Content over 300 words is the most effective for SEO Bu Bullets Bullets help with readability which translates to higher search results and a better user experience

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