How To Keep Patients Engaged On Social Media

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How To Keep Patients Engaged On Social Media

In the current digital landscape, more and more people are taking to social media for news and resources, including in the healthcare industry. As a healthcare professional, you are in a unique position when it comes to social media. Between offering additional channels for patient-provider communication and improving patient satisfaction, social media plays a critical role in patient engagement. At Prescription PR, we specialize in Long Island social media marketing to help practitioners leverage social media to meet their business objectives. Continue reading to learn more about how you can keep patients engaged on social media. 

Keeping Patients Engaged On Social Media

Social media is a unique tool in the digital marketing age because it provides constant opportunities for fostering connections with a broad audience. Patients now have access to your practice around the clock, and many of them want to interact with you online. Having a HIPPA-compliant Long Island social media marketing strategy allows you to grab hold of your online reputation and connect with current and potential patients. Here are some content ideas for keeping your patients engaged with your practice via social media:

  • Publish informative, educational content to keep your patients in the loop. 
  • Share infographics to quickly educate patients at a glance. 
  • Share videos to stand out visually. 
  • Motivate your followers by sharing inspirational content. 
  • Show your patients a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your practice’s day-to-day operations! 
  • Use health-related hashtags to extend your content’s reach. 
  • Share user-generated content like reviews to highlight your practice and spread positivity. 

While Long Island social media marketing comes with a distinct set of challenges, your practice has an opportunity to make a more meaningful impact on your followers. An effective social media strategy helps you establish your practice as a staple in the community. 

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