Keeping Patients Through the Test of Time

Keeping Patients Through the Test of Time

Recent surveys reveal that 25% of patients leave medical practices each year for a variety of reasons. These reasons can go unknown to practitioners until complaints or negative reviews appear on the internet, publicly decreasing the value and trust current and potential clients have in your practice. There are some simple solutions to avoid losing patients and keep the reputation of your staff and practice at their best.

Having untrained or unprofessional staff members interacting with patients is the fastest way to lose that patient. Be sure to thoroughly train employees and make sure they have sufficient knowledge on proper customer interaction as well. Be in tune with the workings of your practice, provide an open relationship with staff for feedback and opportunities for improvement.

The simplest way to improve your doctor patient relationship as well as to evaluate your staff and overall quality of service is a patient satisfaction survey. Getting the quality of your care at its best is especially important now as by 2015, the Health reform’s new medicare stipulations provide for reimbursement based on satisfaction scores. Through a company, an online template, or your own method conduct quarterly customer satisfaction surveys. Analyze the results and strengthen any points of weakness in your customer experience.

Patients often cite long wait times before and during appointments as a con of their experience with their doctor. Each patient and their medical condition is different, getting times down to an exact precise science is an unrealistic expectation. With this in mind, have a system established with your front desk to call patients in the event of a delay or if you’re running late. Patients will appreciate this respect and consideration and are more likely to forgive the inconvenience.

Connect with your patient. Forming a friendship and personal relationship will make the patient have a deeper connection with you, making the overall experience of visiting your office a comfortable one. When explaining medical details with patients also remember they have not had your medical training, instead of the use of technical lingo explain things in terms that they can understand. Be a human first, ask questions, be understanding and be approachable, patients return to great people not just great service.

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