The Importance of Utilizing Social Media Platforms for Your Practice

In the modern world, the digital platform is constantly growing and is more essential in our lives that ever before. Digital media is where social interaction, business and media consumption take place, and it now a substantial influence on the healthcare industry. Paper ads and word of mouth are no longer enough to bring in patients, medical practices that are not participating in the new wave of the technological world are at risk of being drowned out by the constant stream of advertising on social networks and digital media platforms.

There are legitimate reasons for medical practices to be apprehensive to involvement in social media; patient privacy, image as well as the time consumption aspect regarding upkeep of the sites. This is the way the world is moving, and with the right plan of action your digital media platform can provide your practice with a competitive edge, consistent business, and the promise of growth.

According to iHealth Beat 80 percent of people using the internet will use it to seek medical information, and Pew Research states that almost 50 percent of people use the internet to seek information on healthcare professionals. That is a huge amount of consumers searching for services, a huge opportunity for networking and a necessary tool to communicate with potential patients. Where will you be on Google search when a potential client is looking for a local healthcare facility specializing in your field? If one of your patients recommends you to a friend, and that person seeks out a website, social network profile, or reviews and turns up with ‘no results found’, the reflection on your business is not a promising one.

A multitude of information regarding your healthcare practice on the Web further legitimizes your practice to current and potential clients. When people seek further information on you and reach a dead end, that usually leads their search in another direction. To begin your expansion to online media, start by putting yourself in a patient”s shoes, provide visually pleasing and confidence reinforcing images. Consistency is key, when using different media outlets be sure that each is providing the same message, the mission of your practice and your unique services.

With your website as your groundwork, the essential representation of your business, all other social media and digital forums

are outlets to build upon that foundation. The fundamental  function of digital communication mediums such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google is to provide a way to communicate with potential clients. With this in mind, it is important to create and facilitate ways to have your potential clients interact with you via these different outlets.

To keep your sites as up-to-date, successful and free from glitches as possible, be present; post frequently and respond to messages. Accessibility and connecting with potential clients will make them feel cared for even before stepping foot in your office. These methods do require putting in time and effort, but they also provide for limitless potential on how many new clients you can receive, elevating your reputation, as well as increasing revenue for your business practice.