How long does it take to get a first page Google ranking?

How long does it take to get a first page Google ranking Doctor Marketing

How long does it take to get a first page Google ranking?

A common question received by all digital marketers however a difficult one to answer, “How long does it take to get a first page Google ranking?” can vary from website to another. There are many tactics that can guarantee success under ideal circumstances but alas, Google’s algorithm does not exist in a vacuum. For those seeking doctor marketing for their practice, search engine optimization is one of the top services you should be considering.

The main way to get to these top results is going to involve a consistent and strategic SEO strategy. At Prescription PR, we create custom-tailored SEO strategies for providers of all specialties. Depending on the demographics of your practice’s area and service offerings, we will provide you with keywords that will bring in more new patient digital referrals to you. Once we’ve mutually approved the list, we will begin to work on your website regularly to maximize results.  

Below are the top things one can do for their website:

Select The Right Keywords – For providers seeking doctor marketing, understanding the keywords prospective patients will use can be difficult. You are going to want to pick keywords that are locally motivated to maximize new digital patient referrals. For example, selecting the keyword phrase “Ankle Sprain” would be great in theory however the competition for a keyword that spans globally would make it highly unlikely that you would appear on the top search results. Selecting the keyword phrase “Ankle Sprain in Small Town USA” might also seem like a good idea however you will want to check the search volume on that keyword before investing too much time as the number of new patients resulting from the time spent will likely not be worth it.

A perfect keyword would be “Physical Therapy in Small Town USA” or “Orthopedist in Small Town USA” as the search volume will be sizable based on population density. A simple way to research is through Google Adwords, as pricing as decided by the competitiveness of a keyword. The more competitive a keyword is on the pay-per-click side, the higher the search volume.

Optimize All Content For Doctor Marketing– Every page of your website should have a purpose including a keyword focus. Whether you are in the process of designing a website or are trying to optimize your current one,  once you’ve decided your keywords, taking the necessary steps to optimize your existing website pages can make a big difference.

Post Content Regularly – Although optimizing your current website content is essential, probably even more essential is the regular posting of fresh content onto your website. Google recognizes new URLs being added (especially if your sitemap was submitted through Google Search Console) signaling that this website likely is providing quality content to viewers thus favoring it. Even better when this content is properly structured in terms of Readability, Keyword Structure, and Link-building. For questions about our strategies and methodologies, contact us today to learn more about our doctor marketing services.

Backend SEO Of Your Website – Did you know that you can optimize your website as a whole as well as media items? If your website developer did right by your practice, your main information should be personalized to your practice, i.e. sitocons, website title, homepage meta description, and more. Also, because Google can only algorithmically incorporate text and coding, having photos and other media items on your website are less useful without the right alternative text. Do you like to upload patient question and answers? Including a transcript in your HTML coding can reap the SEO benefits!

Create Profiles On Other Websites – Whether it’s Yelp or Facebook, creating as many relevant profiles on social media platforms, review platforms, or directory listings, having profiles linking back to your website helps Google to further recognize your website which improves overall ratings. This is integral for doctor marketing.

All of these SEO strategies are excellent ways to improve your search engine rankings but they are not the only ones. Going back to the initial question of “How long does it take to get a first page Google ranking?” can still be difficult to answer. In some cases when everything is done correctly, it can take just a few short weeks, but in most cases, it’s contending with Google’s algorithm changes and what your competition is doing will determine the answer, most often leading to a few months time before major headway is made. If you are looking for doctor marketing, contact Prescription PR today for a complimentary doctor marketing consultation.