How Should You Be Adjusting Your Marketing Strategy During The COVID-19 Crisis

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How Should You Be Adjusting Your Marketing Strategy During The COVID-19 Crisis

It’s important to remember that we’ve all been hit hard during the COVID-19 crisis.  With new information related to the pandemic coming out each day, it can be hard to know what marketing decisions are best for your medical practice.  To help keep your livelihood protected, working with a team of marketing experts should be at the top of your list of things to do.  At Prescription PR, we always have a finger on the pulse of the marketing landscape, no matter the circumstance.  If you’re looking for new healthcare marketing ideas during these uncertain times, our experts are here to help.

Create The Right Content

Content creation is key to a successful marketing strategy.  However, when you’re coming up with new marketing ideas regarding content, you must evaluate what you put out to the public.  During the COVID-19 crisis, you’ll need to rethink the content that has typically been put out by your practice.  When it comes to this portion of your marketing, we recommend considering the following:

  • Avoid producing imagery of people in crowds.
  • Create content that helps people acclimate to the current “stay at home” lifestyle.
  • Offer advice on how to stay healthy.

Don’t Capitalize on Anxiety

For the immediate future, it won’t be hard to find brands and medical practices that alter their strategies to help capitalize on the overwhelming sense of anxiety many people are facing.  While this may drive short term engagement, these types of healthcare marketing ideas are detrimental to long term success.  When things begin to return back to normal, patients will remember the practices that took advantage of the fear.  Resisting the urge to do this will mitigate the chances of anyone developing negative feelings towards your practice.

Focus On The Public 

One of the most important changes you should make to your marketing strategy is focusing on public health.  Shifting your healthcare marketing ideas towards spreading more information about public health should be a top priority.  At Prescription PR, we can help create marketing materials that both show your commitment to keeping the public safe, as well as why you should be considered a leading provider in your respective field.    

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For practices to remain successful, changes to their marketing strategy need to be made now.  If you’re unsure what this will entail, our team at Prescription PR will be there to help.  For more information about successful healthcare marketing ideas that we can implement, contact us for a free consultation today!

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