Every Business Can Be in the Business of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is near- lovers and haters of the holiday cannot escape the atmosphere it creates when every store features displays of chocolates, flowers, stuffed animals, and gushy cards. Restaurants, jewelers, florists, card-stores, craft stores, and even toy stores will cash in on the theme of love this February as couples rush to buy their significant other a special something.

But keep in mind that all businesses can capitalize on the holiday; while you may not sell products geared towards expressions of love, you can attract positive attention and remain relevant until the holiday passes. Use your online presence to interact with the holiday in a way that your current and prospective customers will appreciate.

Valentines: you can still send a valentine without attaching a sweet to it! If you already use e-mail blasts, take the opportunity to send a professional valentine to your current customers.

Online Decorations: you don’t have to decorate the office- you can decorate your Facebook page! Change your profile picture or cover photo to embrace the red and pink. You can do the same for blog sites, twitter, and other digital platforms.

Posting: take a break from professional, informative posts to address the theme in everyone’s mind. Post a friendly message wishing everyone a happy Valentine’s Day or a relevant fact about love or friendship.

Interact: converse with your online followers. Invite people to share their plans for the holiday or even their gift preference. Just remember to step up to the other half of the equation: have someone on hand to acknowledge or respond to posts left in response.

Spread the Love: ask people to share a story, post a heart, or send a valentine on your Facebook page in exchange for a small donation on your part to a local charity.

Don’t ignore Valentine’s Day- reconsider how you can embrace it to earn your business positive attention.