Concierge Care On the Rise

Concierge Care On the Rise

Modern day healthcare has turned alarmingly systematic. Due to recent changes in the healthcare industry, doctors using the pay-per-visit model are faced with the responsibility of taking care of literally thousands of patients per year and the added complication of contacting individual insurance providers for payment. This creates a disconnected relationship between doctor and patient and additional obstacles of dealing with insurance providers. Both caregiver and caretaker are now considering concierge medicine, or direct primary care (DPC), for both the financial aspect and the overall increase in quality of care.

Concierge is a healthcare membership or subscription in the way that you are not paying per visit but per month for unlimited access to doctors and all the medical services they can provide. For the patient this means more doctor visits and more personalized care, which can result in overall improvement of health by providing a level of diligent preventative medicine.

For doctors, this model of healthcare business is beneficial because patients pay upfront, there are higher premiums, lower reimbursements and low overhead. These factors also result in improvement in career satisfaction, as doctors are faced with less burnout and are able to provide the best care to each individual patient.

However, the success of a concierge medicine practice is heavily dependent on location. In an area of middle and upper class income a Concierge practice is likely to flourish. As more and more people are realizing their dissatisfaction in the changing healthcare industry, spreading the word about concierge medicine is beneficial. Marketing is essential to getting recognition and legitimizing your participation in this rising trend in healthcare.


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