Building a Healthy Doctor-Patient Relationship

Building a Healthy Doctor-Patient Relationship

In healthcare it is so easy to mainly focus on getting new patients. While getting referrals and new patients is an important part of your business maintaining a good relationship with your current patients is also extremely important. If patients like you and feel comfortable with you they can actually help you get more patients. Having a good relationship with patients will lead them to recommend you to their friends and leave good reviews online. Sometimes, having a good relationship with patients is easier said than done though. So how can you build on your existing doctor-patient relationships?

One of the main ways to help strengthen your relationship is by giving the patient all of your attention. When you are in the room with them make sure to turn off your cell phone or beeper so it is not a distraction to you. If your office is noisey make sure to close the door, if appropriate, so you and the patient can hear each other better and listen to what each other is saying. Speaking of listening it is important to focus on not only what the patient is saying verbally but what their body language is saying. By taking into account body language you will be able to tell if a patient is nervous, in pain, or other emotions. Pay attention to your body language also. Maintain eye contact with the patient as much as possible and be sure not to cross your arms as it makes you seem unapproachable. When conversing with patients allow them to correct or interrupt you until they feel you have a good understand of their issue. If they feel that you are really listening and have a good understanding of their symptoms and problems they will trust you and feel more comfortable around you.

Building a healthy relationship with patients takes time. But by investing in those relationships you can obtain a good reputation in your community. Look at how you interact with patients and find different ways to relate to them more. By building a trust and understanding your patients will feel comfortable with you and will keep coming back.


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