How do I build an audience on social media?

How do I build an audience on social media?

In 2019, nearly 3.2 billion people use some form of social media. This is approximately 42% of the world’s population. 

Social media is a great, free, and effective way to get your name out there. You can get creative, express your practices’ personality, and interact with patients. Getting started is always the tricky part. Maybe you have great content, but you’re not happy with the lack of followers. Healthcare digital marketing requires a lot of upkeep and needs to be attended to quite frequently. Here at Prescription PR, we specialize in healthcare digital marketing to help build your audience so you can stay focused on your patients.

How do I build my social media audience?

Everyone needs to start off somewhere. It may seem slow in the beginning, but the work you put into your social media accounts will pay off in the long run if you follow these tips: 

  • Follow others
    • In order to gain followers, you must start following other accounts that have similar interests. Those accounts might like what they see on your page and oftentimes, they’ll give you a follow back. They may even share some of your content!
  • Post often
    • Be consistent. If your page hasn’t been updated in a while, they may think you are no longer in business. There should also be a happy medium between posting too little and posting too much. More than one post a day every day can be a little redundant. Find what works best for you and your followers.
  • Educate
    • It’s great to post about the services you provide, but maybe your followers don’t understand what exactly a certain condition is, or what a certain surgery entails. Be informative. Show off your expertise. 
  • Be responsive
    • If a follower has a question, answer it! This is why it’s important to stay up-to-date with your healthcare digital marketing. If a question or complaint goes unanswered, followers will typically be deterred from your page, which can lead to a lack of business. 
  • Link your social media to everything
    • Whether it is a website or even another social media platform. Have your Facebook fans follow your Twitter page or your Instagram followers follow your LinkedIn. Lastly, don’t forget to link your social media accounts in your email blasts as well. 
  • Don’t be afraid of hashtags
    • Hashtags can be your friend if their used correctly. They help users find posts that are of interest to them and draw attention to your own posts. With that being said, it’s important not to overuse them as it can get annoying to users. They want to see your content, not a bunch of hashtags!

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