August Healthcare Monthly Observances

August Healthcare Monthly Observances

As our summer is slowly coming to an end, we are honoring August’s healthcare monthly observances. Each month is dedicated to certain medical conditions or movements. Through the use of healthcare digital marketing, it is easier to spread the word regarding these observances. Here at Prescription PR, we can help your practice raise awareness for this month’s healthcare observances. 

Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month

This month, we raise awareness for the health and safety of children’s eyes. We can take matters into our own hands and use these tips to keep our eyes healthy:

  • Maintain a healthy diet
    • Omega-3 fatty acids, lutein, zinc, vitamin C, and vitamin E prevent certain vision conditions. 
  • Acknowledge any vision changes
    • Headaches can be caused by constant squinting to see something in the distance. If you are experiencing vision problems, address it head on!
  • Wash your hands before touching near the eye
    • You should always wash your hands before touching any part of your face because this can increase the risk of an illness or infection. It’s especially important to wash your hands before putting in contact lenses 
  • Wear protective gear when necessary
    • This includes sunglasses on a sunny day or safety goggles in a chemistry lab. Always make sure your eyes are safe from any hazardous chemical or from the sun’s strong UV rays. 
  • Take a break from the computer or phone screen
    • Spending too much time looking at your phone can cause eyestrain, headaches, or even neck pain. Use the 20/20/20 rule. Rest your eyes every 20 minutes by looking 20 feet away for 20 seconds. 
  • No smoking
    • Smoking can actually increase the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts. 

Through healthcare digital marketing, it’s important to make these health tips known so that we can raise awareness for Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month. 

National Immunization Awareness Month

Diseases such as polio, measles, rubella, and chickenpox are preventable by vaccinations. Vaccinations are a safe and effective way of preventing illness. In the month of August, our healthcare digital marketing team wants to help raise awareness for National Immunization Awareness Month and here are some ways you can help too:

  • Tell your friends and family about the importance of vaccines. A lot of people are under the impression that vaccines are just for children, but adults can get them too!
  • Host an event and invite a doctor or nurse to speak about the importance of vaccinations
  • Utilize a healthcare digital marketing technique and tweet about it from your practice’s Twitter page!

Digestive Tract Paralysis and Gastroparesis Awareness Month

Gastroparesis is when the stomach empties very slowly causing symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, dry heaving, or the inability to finish a meal. 5 million individuals in the United States are affected by this. Originally, Digestive Tract Awareness Month was only one week long in 2009, which was known as Gastroparesis Awareness Week. However, many people believed that one week was not long enough to dedicate to this condition. This month, we raise awareness for this condition and we encourage you to do the same, whether through word-of-mouth or healthcare digital marketing. 

Breastfeeding Awareness Month

Were you aware of all of the benefits that breastfeeding has for a baby? Although baby formula is a great alternative, many mothers are unaware of how breastfeeding can truly make a difference. Some benefits breastfeeding has on babies include:

  • Protection against allergies and eczema
  • Reduces the risk of baby’s upset stomach, diarrhea, or constipation compared to formula
  • Reduces the risk of some infections and viruses
  • Increases effectiveness of vaccinations
  • Increases baby’s intelligence
  • Protects against type I diabetes and Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Not only does breastfeeding have many benefits for the baby, but it also has some advantages for mom too! These benefits include:

  • Decreases risk of breast and ovarian cancer
  • Helps in losing baby weight
  • Lowers risk of osteoporosis
  • Heals your body after giving birth

Psoriasis Awareness Month

Psoriasis is when your skin cells rapidly build up, causing scaling on the surface of the skin. Typically, the life cycle of a skin cell is one month, but with psoriasis, the life cycle is only a few days. A lot of people don’t actually know what psoriasis is. In the month of August, it is our goal to shed some more light on this skin condition, encourage the need for a cure, and support those who are affected by it. 

In the month of August, we come together to observe these health conditions. Thanks to healthcare digital marketing, raising awareness for these observances are a little bit easier. Get involved and raise awareness with us this August!

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