5 Social Media Marketing Trends for 2014

Social media has become a powerful tool used in businesses marketing strategies. Social media has come a long way from just being used to keep friends and families in touch. Now a days social media has integrated into the professional usage of growing businesses, products and corporations. Here are the top 5 social media trends for 2014.

1.) Google : Google is finally gaining its popularity among its competitors. Google has over 540 million active users, making it number two worldwide after Facebook. Is it really the most second used platform among the rest? Google is integrating all aspects of online services such as social media, search engine rankings, local listings, etc. They have also created Hummingbird, their latest algorithm change which is a customized search experience for every user.

2.) Image Centric Networks: The dominant trend of images and videos going viral on the web proves that this is a successful way to market. Websites such as Pinterest and Youtube can easily be integrated with websites in order to send out attention grabbing messages. Apps such as SnapChat has gained immense popularity where you can upload a 10 second image or video. Since this app automatically deletes the message after it is opened viewers are more inclined to pay closer attention to the message since they only get one chance to look at it.

3.) LinkedIn: LinkedIn is going to play a huge roll in business to business growth in 2014. More than ever professionals are taking advantage of connecting with other businesses. With more than 238 million users, LinkedIn provides effortless networking right from your desk. B2B growth is projected to skyrocket in 2014.

4.) Twitter Up, Facebook Down: Not to worry Facebook is not going anywhere. Facebook teenage market has a slow decline however marketers are turning to Twitter. Twitter offers a quick 2 line message and the ability to upload a picture if necessary. Marketers claim there is less “drama” on Twitter. Twitter is also a great platform for generating lends and dealing with customer service.

5.) Micro Videos: With apps such as Vine and Instagram users can upload a short 6 second clip or a 3-15 second clip. This allows marketers to get their messages out fast and effectively. Since people these days have such short attention spans this is a quick way to get a message out potently. With these apps available on smartphones and tablets, messages can be seen virtually anywhere.

2014 is going to be an exciting year for social media marketing. All businesses big or small will be taking to these social media platforms to enhance their marketing strategies and grow their businesses and customer base.